Who is this course not for?

While it is not our intention to place limitations on anyone's personal choice to take part in the educational content and experiential nature of the 21 Day Nervous System Tune-up course, please be advised that this course may not be appropriate for individuals experiencing any of the following: diagnosed severe and long standing psychiatric disorder, [...]

Will there be new content every day for 21 days?

Nope. And this is on purpose. This is because spacing and repetition are an intentional part of the program's design. Just as you wouldn't go see a therapist every day for 21 days, it is also way too much for our delicate nervous system to be faced with a new lesson every day for 21 [...]

Will I have access to the material forever?

YES. All the video trainings and audio exercises are downloadable. I actually recommend downloading the audio exercises to your iPod or phone so you have access to them wherever you are. The materials are yours to keep. If we have to do maintenance on our site, or take down a webpage, we will notify you [...]

How much time can i expect to put into this course?

On the days that you have an active piece of course content (there are 12 of those days in total), you can expect to spend about 20-30 minutes reading the emails and course content, watching a video or practicing an audio exercise. Of course, everyone reads at different rates, so I’m estimating here. The final [...]

I’ve done other online courses before. How is this different?

Most other courses and modalities out there only cover one or a few slices of the pie. Most completely miss the nervous system altogether. They never stop to ask, "Is this human organism feeling safe right now in its environment and body?." So if your other courses have never talked to you about the Fight, [...]

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