6 – How can I report a comment to admin?

Should you experience or witness a guideline violation within the comments, the best way to handle it is to report the post or comment. You are able to flag and report the comment directly within the program site, by clicking the red flag in the upper right corner of a comment: You may also screenshot [...]

5 – How do I edit or delete my comment?

You are able to edit or completely delete your comment posted. To do this, click the little gear at the bottom right corner of your comment, and you can choose to edit or delete it there. Please note, that if you delete your comment, all replies and the comment tree attached to it will also [...]

3 – How can I edit notifications of 21 Day comments?

If you want to only get notifications about replies to your comments, you can choose it this way: From the drop down, choose ‘New replies to my comments.’ If you choose ‘new follow-up comments’ it will notify you of ALL and ANY comments to that page. You can also click the little person/gear icon, and edit all the places you‘re subscribed to. You can also unsubscribe via the email notifications as well.

2 – How do I change the way name appears when commenting?

If you would like to change how your name is displayed when you comment, please go here: https://21daytuneup.com/wp-admin/then you can choose how you want your name displayed. You may need to change your first name in order to choose the name that you want to appear if it is different than your username or first/last [...]

1 – How do I ask a question within the lessons pages?

When you want to ask a question on one of the daily lesson pages, it is VERY IMPORTANT to please start your comment within the lessons pages with the word: QUESTION. This way we can easily find the questions vs comments that may not need a response. There is a 1200 character limit on the [...]

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