The purpose of this work is to first educate you on what is happening in your system, so you can understand it and have a more conscious, and less reactive, relationship with your internal experiences. And, the work itself is meant to guide you into your system in different ways such that the old, stuck, junk in the system can start moving out, and when that happens, it usually doesn’t feel ‘good’ in the way that we normally define that word!

Granted you are not sleep deprived, if you are feeling tired or even exhausted after watching one of the educational videos or doing an exercise, that probably means that your system just did some hard work – which can definitely happen just from taking in the theory. If this happens consistently then it probably means that you need to go a bit more slowly, and do less when you watch or engage with the lessons.
Same thing if you’re feeling activated. 

In either case, if you notice these things happening during the lesson, then STOP. Do something else and come back to the lesson the next day.