This can certainly be frustrating! The best answer we have found is to make peace with just doing those tiny bits, consistently, and with plenty of space after to integrate. ‘Less is more’ really is true with this work! Go at your own pace.

We really cannot stress enough how important this is. In our achievement based culture, even learning to sense and honour our own unique capacity IS doing the rewiring work. So even though it may feel like nothing is happening, if we can keep on doing little bits of this work, a little at a time, and work on integrating the principles into our daily life, especially orienting to safety, those little pieces will add up. 

It can feel so tempting to try and do ‘big work’, but if we end up overwhelming our system then we have only reinforced the perception that this stuff is dangerous to work with. Step by step, one bit at a time, slow and steady. This is how we build capacity and restore regulation to even the most damaged systems.